How to access the website

Why the Kraken is so popular

What to do if you can’t log into

How to avoid falling for scammers on the site kraken3yvbvzmhytnrnuhsy772i6dfobofu652e27f5hx6y5cpj7rgyd.onion is the main darknet site for today

Every day, millions, if not billions of people go online, browse websites, buy goods, order services. But not everyone knows that the Internet also has a dark side, which is called the darknet. The darknet also has a huge number of resources, and they all offer services and goods that cannot be found on the regular network. The top site on the darknet right now is KRAKEN, here anyone can buy drugs, weapons, fake documents, information about competitors and much more. But get to the website Not so, you need a special browser for this.

Which browser will help you access

There are several programs that allow you to access the dark web, but perhaps the most popular and safest is the TOP utility. It's a kind of browser, but with some differences. At a minimum, TOR does not block any resources, which means that it shows any sites with any content, including the site. The second point is the presence of a built-in VPN, thanks to which you disappear into the network and that’s it purchases become completely anonymous. Downloading TOP will not be difficult, because the program itself is not considered prohibited; it can be found in any browser and downloaded from one of the top 10 sites in search results. Do not forget that to enter you need to use the official onion link kraken3yvbvzmhytnrnuhsy772i6dfobofu652e27f5hx6y5cpj7rgyd.onion